Alignment Training

Is the cause of all problems really "trunk weak" ?


In the FootTainers, we will improve it while teaching "the correct posture corresponding to gravity" and "the range of movement of joints inherent in human beings".

It is information that you can use for your life as your own health information in the future.


There is training to be done before "trunk training".

In order to improve the problem of the body which became clear by the alignment check, we coach how to use the self care and the body at home. 



It is a training program that learns measures of problems on their own to improve problems.


We will train "the foundation of posture" and "foundation of movement".


This is a teaching method applying a program that prevents athletes from doing the same injury twice.





Before trunk training, you will be able to automatically use trunk if you learn "Improvement of flexibility" and "Correct movement" of movement of "limb base". 


Alignment Training / Basic Learning Course

Approximately 3 sessions are required for basic mastery.

(About 150 minutes: It depends on proficiency level)


1, Lower body AlignmentTraing, Acquisition of athletic position Associated self-care method

2, Function of hip joint (function improvement) Training related self-care method

3, Function of the shoulder border (Function improvement) Training related self-care method


* Persons who live far away can take consecutive lectures.


* Insole + problem improvement 90 minutes The menu includes one session.

* You can book from one session.


After the basic course

In order to solve individual sports problems, you can take self-Conditioning method and training.

(1 session 50 min)



After that, we will perform form check / alignment check · about once a month.


Coaching will be done so that problems can be improved before it gets bigger.





Alignment Training




Extension fee 30 minutes ¥ 4,000 + tax



It is a menu for those who would like to receive coaching for problem solving after insole creation.