Feetech® product information

Comparison with other company's insoles

History of development of Feefech® Insole

Developed by engineers who have been making top athletes' insole for athletes for over 20 years.

For reasons that it is not possible to offer the best thing to athletes in commercially available insoles or medical insoles,

The insoles which the athlete developed to produce the result is the sports insole "Feetech ®".

*Feetech® is a registered trademark of FootTrainers.Co

What is the strength of Feetech Insole?

We are finding out the problems of other companies' insole and medical insoles.

And we are familiar with sports and biomechanics.

What is correct body alignment? Knowing, is Feetech's strength.

1,Before making, We check the mandatory 6 items of feet and body.

To make the most suitable insoles for you,

We will check and explain the alignment and posture of feet and body, the characteristics of movement during exercise.

We can propose the improvement plan is to those who wish.


1, whole body balance check


2, alignment check of lower limbs


3. Dynamic alignment check on both feet


4, Dynamic alignment check on one foot


5, palpation of pelvic alignment


6, Analysis of competitive movements

2, Insole structure, material and forming method are different.

There are numerous insole insole,

Feetech® was developed with knowing the shortcomings and advantages of "structure" "material" and "forming method".



1, Deep heel cup that emphasized support of side part

2, Simple 4 layer structure reproducing the soles of the feet

3, Materials carefully selected from over 300 types and placed in place

4, narrow design to cooperate with shoes without spreading shoes

5, molding method to reproduce ideal foot type

6, Adjustment with heat and grinder, reshaping possible


3,Difference from medical insole

The purpose of the insole used in sports is prevention of injury and improvement of performance.

There is a big difference from medical insoles for treatment.


1, Even when there is no pain, I will raise the effect.

2, Support "movement" rather than "fixed".

3, Movement and sports experts will develop and mold.

4, Insole to cooperate with sports shoes

Effect of Feetech® Insoles