Visit Service in Japan

出張サービス 出張インソール作成 出張中敷き作成 出張指導

We will visit your home or gym, sports club, team and provide services.


We are doing insole visiting services such as "make insole" and "alignment training".

We are waiting for reservations at club・team · shop · group etc.

■Please select your desired menu and make a reservation.

 Insole can be handed over on the day

■Additional insoles 1pr 15,000yen+tax  

■Transportation fee is free within the 23 wards of Tokyo.

■If you have any other requests, please contact us from the inquiry form.


About application


1、Number of people 

  Please collect more than 4 people who wish to make insole.(In the case outside Tokyo 23 wards)

  *Basics will be a day trip.

   In the case of a distant place, the number of people who can correspond according to the movement time is different.

  *If you have many applicants, please divide it in multiple times.

         It is also possible to stay for 2 days if you can pay the accommodation fee.

  *We will make decisions in advance with representatives.



  *Please pay when the venue fee is required.

  *We are asking for the indoor space of at least 3 m² and 100 V power supply · air conditioning and heating.



  Please bear the following fee in addition to the service fee.

  *Transportation fee Please pay actual expenses outside Tokyo 23 wards. (We do not service to remote islands)

  *Please bear the burden if accommodation is necessary depending on the distance, number of people and schedule.