Yes, this is what we want, but we are not doctors. 

We have been helping numerous athletes to solve their foot and shoe problems with our custom-made insoles and alignment training. 

“Liberating people from the foot pain” by sharing the expertise and know-hows to recover from injuries quickly and to prevent repeating the same injuries, which we have accumulated during our own sporting experiences. 

We are the FootTrainers.  

Custom-made Insoles  &  Alignment Training



See here if you have foot/shoe problems like your feet hurting after walking for a distance and you cannot find shoes that fit.    


See here if you want to solve the concerns that you cannot perform to the fullest of your ability due to the foot pain and shoe problems. 

What's New

2020/04/08      Information for business until May 6

2020/04/06      Custom-made insoles can now be purchased by mail order. 

2020/03/19      Blog Updated

2018/03/09  NHK BS1 " Run×Sma " TV crews visited us for their program. 

Effective for All Categories of Sports

Categories We Have Supported

・Running・Trail Running · Triathlon · Ski (Alpine · Nordic · Freestyle)

· Figure Skating · Golf · Rugby · Soccer · Ice Hockey · Bike (Bicycle)

· Volleyball · Tennis · Badminton · Basketball · Fencing (all events) · Snowboard

· Weight lifting · Boxing · Truck-and-Field · Baseball · Softball · Archery · Lacrosse

· Table Tennis · American Football · Mountaineering · Hiking · Travel · Walking · Bowling · Dance

· Ballet · Shooting · Skeleton · Sepakutakuro · Japanese dance · Other

We Can Help Ease the Following Chronic Symptoms.

Symptoms Our Insole and the Alignment Training Can Help Preventing. 

· Plantar fasciitis · Runner's knee · Shin splints · Hallux valgus · Posterior tibialis tendinitis 

· Peroneal muscle tendinitis  · Morton's disease · Patellar ligament (jumper's Knee ) · Achilles tendonitis · hammer toe etc.