Mail Order Custom-made Insoles

You can order "custom made insoles" on the net.

Many Japanese athletes who do not live in Tokyo use this service.

It became possible to make "Feetech®︎ custom-order insole" with mail orders.

Just by sending "Foot Movie" and "Dedicated foot pad" according to the guidance.

We will make insoles suitable for the movement of the foot and deliver it to your home.


Please fill out the form bellow. and press "send"



Payment is deferred.



FootTrainers will send you an order confirmation Email.





The "Foot Impression Form Box" will arrive at your address.




Follow the video guidance and take your foot shape. ①




Shoot 5photos and 2videos as guidance,

Please send by e-mail or SNS to Foot Trainers.



  1. Natural stance full body
  2. Natural stance only foot
  3. Natural stance bend knees
  4. Foot of direction straight (so that two skate blade is parallel)
  5. as it is - Bend the knee


  1. Squat 3 to 4 times with right leg
  2. Squat 3 to 4 times with left leg


Email address:

FaceBookMessage:  Kiyoshi Iida




Remove 1 pair of insole originally in the shoe. ②


Please send ① and ② to FootTrainers by EMS etc.


( Please bear the carriage by the customer  )

Shipping address

Kiyoshi IIDA   FootTrainers Co   

4-24-17 Nukui Nerima-ku Tokyo  JAPAN 1760021    Tel: +819061887807




Take the foot shape for insole molding from the shape of the foot you sent.



Check the alignment based on the pictures and videos of the foot you sent.


Based on the alignment check,

To the foot mold for insole molding

Add a correction of the height of the arch.



Heat mold the insole.





After cooling, the finished insole,

Cut to fit the shoes of the insole. 





The return of the original insole you sent,

We will ship the completed insole together by EMS.


(Shipping fee paid by foot trainers)


Usually arrives within 10days.


Please put the insoles in your shoes or boots.


We will E-mail you the PayPal invoice.

Please pay with a credit card.


  • Skating Insoles US$298
  • Running Insoles US$298
  • Snow Board Insoles US$312
  • Ski Insoles US$312
  • Other Sports Insoles US$298
  • Additionnal Insoles US$170






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