Visit Service Outside Japan

We will make a business trip to a country other than Japan.

It is possible from at least 10 people (3 days).

Surcharge will be added according to the visiting place.(It depends on the air fare)

We will decide the holding by consultation with the representative person.

When the event is decided, we open the following special site exclusively. Special Site Sample


Prepare a minimum 4 m square place (with air conditioning and power supply).

Or the hotel room with a living room.

Or please make a reservation for the meeting room.

Please pay the above expenses.


Previous business trip location is 

                             Hong Kong , Shanghai , Beijin , Jakarta , Kuala Lumpur , Manila ,,etc

Sports that correspond to the past 

Running , Ski , Figure Skating , Golf , Rugby , Soccer , Ice Hockey ,Bike (Bicycle)

Volleyball , Tennis , Badminton , Basketball , Fencing , Snowboard

Weight lifting  , Boxing , Truck-and-Field , Baseball  , Softball , Archery , Lacrosse

Table Tennis  , American Football   ,Mountaineering  ,Hiking  , Travel , Walking , Bowling  , Dance

Shooting , Sepakutakuro ·Other

Foot Evaluation and Custom Insoles

By Foot Alignment and Sports Insoles specialist from Japan


インソール作成 中敷き作成 オーダーメイドインソール スポーツインソール

Make Sports Insoles


Alignment check


Make Insoles 1pr


Teach self care


298 US$


Time required about 50min/person



Contact form

1, Please press "send" button after input.

2, After receiving mail from you, We will send you a reply email to confirm the reservation. 

3, Please send me a reply when you receive an email from me for confirmation.(The reservation is complete with this.)

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Reservable schedule ( Sample )

Mininum 10people up to 15people / 3days

Reservable  At Service Apartment or Places that you prepared  

 Out of service 


Please scroll to the right (Available time 9AM~10PM)

  09:00~09:50 10:30~11:20 12:00~12:50 13:30~14:20 15:00~15:50 16:30~17:20 18:00~18:50 19:30~20:20 21:00~21:50
Day1  ×   ×   ×   ×   ×  Reservable Reservable  Reservable  Reservable
Day2  Reservable  Reservable  Reservable Reservable Reservable  Reservable Reservable  Reservable  Reservable
Day3  Reservable  Reservable   ×  ×  ×  ×  ×  ×  ×

Reservations from 9 o'clock to 22 o'clock are possible.

The time required for one person is 50 minutes.

In advance decide the schedule of the representative and minimum 10 people.

For cancellation after application, the cancellation fee is 50%

Cancellation of appointed day will cost 100% cancellation fee.

* Please do not be late for the appointed time.

* If you are late significantly, please make appointment again


Access (sample)

Name: Sample

Address: Sample

(I will inform you of the room number as soon as I know it.)

Map (sample)

This Map is Sample.



Contact Information


 Kiyoshi IIDA 

 TEL and WhatsApp  +81 90 6188 7807


 WeChat ID: FTKiyoshi