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フットトレーナーズ 指導 アライメントチェック 姿勢指導 歩行指導

I was engaged in skiing in college days, after graduating from college I got a job at an import / sale company of ski equipment, and I was in charge of strengthening ski players and developing ski products for Japanese people.


Among them, work to adjust ski boots according to the ski player 's feet was also an important work to have leading brands use their own brands.


One of the products that the company handled was a ski insoles developed by a French ski teacher. When inserting the insole as a skier, the problem of the pain of the ski boots that hit until now has been improved, and more players can use the hard boots more effectively.



Since then I have been concerned with the relationship between the body and the insoles and efficient use of the body, I have continued pursuit of materials, molding method, compatibility with shoes etc.


In 2002 I got an offer for work at the Olympic Mogul Ski team, I quit the company I worked for in 10 years, and at the chiropractic clinic, I did support for the Japanese team while making insoles for skiers and runners.


At the Torino Olympics, the main athlete of Alpen Mogul Cross Country used the insole I made. After the 2006 Olympics Year, we established Foot Trainers in Tokyo and started service for runners and athletes.


From around 2012 I focused on insole development for figure skating. It is very difficult to create a figure skating insole with a thin blade and sliding on one foot. My insole making technology has advanced dramatically.Fortunately, players who used my insoles at the World Championships and the Olympics until 2018 could also take the gold medal.


And while I was teaching athletes how to use boots and how to use the body nearly 20 years, I noticed the alignment training tips to use the body correctly using gravity.We provided teaching methods as a technology of "super basics" of sports that no one taught so far.I also published books on shoe selection and running / posture.


Based on the experiences of injury prevention and athletic rehabilitation at the site of sports so far and knowledge of insole technology and shoes, I share the skills and knowledge for problem improvement to those who are troubled with foot pain, I I want to contribute to society.




CEO Kiyoshi IIDA 


About CEO Kiyoshi Iida

アライメントトレーニング 運動指導 フォーム改善指導 オーダーメイドインソール オーダー中敷き

Specialists who perform comprehensive consultation toward problem solving such as injury prevention, conditioning, performance upgrading, etc. by extracting problems of body movement and posture from posture, movement, motion analysis during competition and so on.

 Field of expertise: alignment training guidance · insole · Sports shoes



JOC (Japan Olympic Committee Enhancement Coaching Staff)(2002〜2011) Ski Association of Japan Mogul Team Technical Staff(2001〜2011) 2002Salt Lake City Olympics・2006 Torino Olympics・ 2010 Vancouver Olympics Japan Ski Team Banded as Technical Staff NSCACertified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)2004〜2015 Yamagata Prefecture Sports Talent Excavation Project YAMAGATA Dream Kids Lecturer(2008〜)JAFT(Currently, Japan Footwear Technology Association)Primary president, founder of "Sports Shoe fitter" system

Japan Para-Ski Federation (ID-Alpen) Coach & Conditionig Trainer


Outsourcing contract

NewBalance Japan(2003)Rossignol Japan(2001〜2003)Rexxam.Co(2004〜2006)CustomBalance Insoles(Nihon Sigmax)(2010~2011) 


Strength & Conditioning / Alignment / Pilates / Nutrition / Athletic Rehabilitation Coach

As insole and sports shoe specialist, teach shoes makers, shops, trainers, physiotherapists, etc. technical guidance.

Ski · Figure skating competitors including Olympic athletes, athletics (marathon · long distance · leap) · All Japan national players such as rugby · fencing · badminton · tennis, professional league players such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and junior athletes · alignment Many teaching / teaching guidance experience.



  • Gitsugyononihonsya  "Marathon finish New common sense"
  • Ai Publishing "New common sense of immediate pelvic distortion"
  • Gitsugyononihonsya "Running in the right position will make the marathon more fun and faster"
  • Bunkoudou "Running disorder" rehabilitation and re-conditioning "




Latest publication

"How to make a" correct posture "that puts gravity on your side "Rejuvenating with tiptoe "  Bunkyosya

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