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FootTrainers provide value that can not be imitated by other companies.


We check your body beforehand and make insole.


Of course, I will explain all of the check contents to the customer and explain the situation in detail.


Check contents are "alignment check" based on sports science to confirm "Skeletal muscle”and ”movement range and motion of joint" usually done before Conditioning training of athletes.


The difference from other companies' insoles is the difference in analysis power of this "alignment check".



And while creating the insole, I will teach self-care method of the problem part and "How to use the correct body". 


And most importantly,

insoles is only a tool for posture improvement and exercise improvement.


Certainly, using insoles will automatically improve pain and poor movements.

However, as we explore the cause of the pain of the mechanisms and weak mechanisms,

There are many "what you can do with shoes" and "what you can do with your body".

 In FootTainers, not only to make insole, have the customer to understand the cause of the problem.

We want you to learn knowledge for improvement.

This is the skill you need right now, expertise and know-how to recover quickly from injury, and how to prevent repeating the same injury.




 Insoles menu


(about 50min)

Alignment check

Insoles making

Teaching self care

If you would like to insole with skis / skates

Please choose ski · skate course.


Please bring clothes that is easy to move or change clothes that can be exercised.




Please visit us so as not to be late for reservation time.