Mail Order Custom-made Insoles

You can order "custom made insoles" on the net.

It is good news for those who can not come to Japan.

It became possible to make "Feetech custom-order insole" with mail orders.

Just by sending "Foot Movie" and "Dedicated foot pad" according to the guidance.

We will make insoles suitable for the movement of the foot and deliver it to your home.


1、Select your desired model from the following product list

      Please add it to the cart.


2、In a predetermined input field,

      Please accurately fill out your address e-mail address. 


As soon as accepting your order.


We will mail "the pad that takes the foot shape" by EMS.


We will send you ”the video URL of how to take a foot shape”

and "shooting guidance" on photos and e-mail.




Customer's work 1


Follow the video guidance and take your foot shape. ①


 Customer's work 2

Shoot photos and videos as guidance,

Please send by e-mail to Foot Trainers.


Customer's work 3


Remove 1 pair of insole originally in the shoe. ②


Please send ① and ② to FootTrainers by EMS etc.

( Please bear the carriage by the customer  )



Take the foot shape for insole molding from the shape of the foot you sent.



Check the alignment based on the pictures and videos of the foot you sent.


Based on the alignment check,

To the foot mold for insole molding

Add a correction of the height of the arch.



Heat mold the insole.





After cooling, the finished insole,

Cut to fit the shoes of the insole. 


The return of the original insole you sent,

We will ship the completed insole together by EMS.

(Shipping fee paid by foot trainers)


Feetech®・Custom-Made Insoles


For Sports Thickness of toe about4mm

   The main purpose of use Running Tennis Basketball volleyball Walking

   Use on a hard surface


Narrow for spikes Thickness of toe  about3mm

            The main purpose of use Baseball Rugby Football Track and field

   Use on a soft surface


Narrow for skating Thickness of toe  about3mm

   The main purpose of use Figure Skating   Ice Hockey


For ski / snowboard (with stabilizer) Thickness of toe  about3mm

            With stabilizer (Sidas made in France)

            The main purpose of use Ski  Snowboard


We will send it out from 1 week to 10 days after the foot pad arrives at us.

Shipping from Japan is our burden

Please select a model from the following.  


オーダーをいただいた住所に型取り用のパッドを送付します。メールにて型取りの動画のURLとお送りいただく写真と動画のガイダンスを送付します。 We will send a pad for molding to the address you received the order. We will send you the "URL of the movie of How to mold" and the guidance of the photograph and the movie to be sent by e-mail.


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