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Foot Evaluation and Custom Insoles

By Foot Alignment and Sports Insoles specialist from Japan

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We have been helping numerous Skaters to solve their foot and shoe problems with our custom-made insoles and alignment training. 


Hard boots. A thin blade. Jump with one foot. 

Figure skating is a tough sport for feet.


So, the following is important

・Make your foot in the right position in skate boots

・Use the boots correctly and apply the correct force to the blade

・Prevent injury and "foot deformity"




Skate insoles


FootTrainers' custom made insole "Feetech®”

It is easy to get on "outside edge",Spin is stable,

It is possible to apply force to the blade efficiently,

Skating becomes faster、The jump will be able to fly higher.


Just by adjusting "foot alignment" by insole, it will be improved.


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Kiyoshi IIDA   FootTrainers CEO

ISI Skate Hong kong 2017  ISI Asia CoachSeminar Document

Nov 2017 at CityPlaza Ice Rink , Guest speaker : Kiyoshi Iida (FootTrainers,Co)

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